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3V0-22.21 Practice Exam Questions and Answers

Advanced Deploy VMware vSphere 7.x

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Question # 1

A new internal network is required to isolate virtual machines for security analysis. The virtual machine (honeypot-01) should reside on a new virtual standard switch with the ability for all traffic on the switch to be monitored.

Add a new virtual switch to accommodate this requirement and configure (honeypot-01) to reside on this switch.

Use the following information to complete this task:

• ESXi host: esxi0la

• Standard Switch: Create a new Standard Switch

• Physical uplink: NO UPLINK

• Network Label: QUARANTINE

• VLAN: none specified


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Question # 2

The current vSphere environment will be adding new ESXi hosts that will be used to create a QA compute cluster. This cluster should have HA properties specific to the workloads that will be running in it.

In preparation of adding the new hosts, create the new cluster. QA-Cluster in. Datacenter-PROD on vcsa0la.vclass.local with the following HA requirements:

• The cluster should not contain any ESXi hosts or VMs

• Hosts should be monitored.

• VMs should be restarted in the event of a host failure.

• VMs should be restarted if guest heartbeats are not detected.

• In the case of a host becoming isolated, shutdown and restart VMs.

• If there is an All Paths Down event, any affected VMs must be moved to another host.

• Reserve 10% of memory and CPU for failover capacity.

Part 2

You have been given a requirement for a virtual machine to have no downtime when an ESXi host failure occurs. Configure Fault Tolerance on VM1-FT in the PROD-B cluster. Use any compatible secondary host and datastore. Configure the following advanced cluster settings. Use SAN01 as the storage during configuration.

  • das.isolationaddress0
  • dass.igoreRedundantNetWarining true

Note: ignore any related host, customer, or bandwidth warnings as long as fault tolerance is configured and VM1-FT is running.


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Question # 3

The security team has decided to follow the VMware-recommended best practices in the vSphere hardening guide.


Your first task is to create a local user in esxi02b:

• Name: SpecialUser

• Role: Administrator

Your second task is to ensure that SpecialUser is the ONLY user who is able to SSH into esxi02b via Putty.

Your final task is to enforce a strict lockdown on esxi02b.

Your second task is to ensure that SpecialUser is the ONLY user who is able to SSH into esxi02b via Putty.

Your final task is to enforce a strict lockdown on esxi02b.


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Question # 4

The Virtual Infrastructure team wants to share a VM Template from vcsa0la to vcsa0lb via content libraries. Ensure that the content in the libraries is synchronized only when needed.

• Name of Published Content Library in vcsa0la: CL01

• Name of Subscribed Content Library in vcsa0lb: CL02

• For both content libraries, use the local datastore: SAN01

• VM Template to be shared: Core-Template

After the Core-Template has been synchronized from CL01 to CL02. deploy a virtual machine from VM-Template on vcsa0lb

• Name of virtual machine: CL-VM

• Host for virtual machine: »sxi03b


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Question # 5

You have just deployed a new vCenter Server Appliance. Vcsa0la. and are required to back up to configuration after deployment. To complete this task, perform an unencrypted backup of the vCenter Server Appliance using the following details:

• Use the FTP protocol to backup the appliance

• FTP Server Location:

• FTP Username: administrator

• FTP Password: VMware1!

Note: Make sure you include the / at the end of the Server Location


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